Stack ‘Em by Tory

Summer 2011 sparked a seriously cool trend in costume jewelry- stacked bracelets. This trend has been seen all over personal style blogs, in fashion print offices, in retail stores, and on our favorite celebrities. As far as the trend’s styling is concerned, anything goes.











This trend is really easy to try, and you don’t even need to go out and buy anything to pull it off. Just pile on all your bracelets at the same time, the more the merrier. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals and colors- from friendship bracelets, to gold chains, to wooden or metal bangles, etc.













If you’re feeling especially creative, make some of your own bracelets. This website has really great jewelry DIY tips and tricks.


Psychedelic Style by Madeline

It seems as if we have all gotten into a time machine and landed in the late sixties and early seventies . Everyone break out your bell-bottoms, things are about to get really psychedelic ! It is impossible to step into a Forever 21 or H & M without spotting flared sleeves, flared pants, flower- power patterns and many more 60’s/70’s inspired looks. From the runway to the streets its seems that everyone is in that groovy “haze”.

Some of these looks may seem to daring to try all together but pairing bell-bottom jeans and white t-shirt instead of your favorite skinnies is a fun way to spice up a classic look. Another great trend that I have spotted is the return of the vest. Vests have come back in full force with many fabrics like leather, fur and suede and our favorite fall colors like rustic orange, brown, mustard yellow and grey.

Bell-bottom jean Forever 21

Azzaro Fall 2011 RTW collection

Jill Sanders Fall 2011 RTW collection

Forever 21 Pants

Forever 21 Vest

Sportmax Fall 2011 RTW collection

It’s “Time” for a Fashion Update by Laura

Even though most of us check the time with our Blackberries or iPhones, there is something romantic  about wearing a good old watch.  Ever since I was a little kid, I always wore a watch; throughout the years I acquired quite a collection of arm candy in which cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and the Powerpuff Girls told me the time.  But then I got older, and my tastes became more refined.  My latest watch was kind of an accident: I borrowed my guy friend’s watch one afternoon and realized that I actually really liked it! Now, I proudly sport a stainless steel men’s Relic watch.  It’s a little loose on my wrist, but there is an appealing contrast between the bold men’s accessory on a dainty feminine feature.

My Relic men's watch

But you don’t need to shop in the men’s accessories department to find a sleek big face watch.  Many designers have designed women’s watches to resemble the larger male counterpart.  The other day in class, I noticed a classmate’s Michael Kors watch.

Suzann's bold Michael Kors Watch

The size makes the watch stand out, but it is still small enough that it does not overpower my classmate’s wrist. The classic gold band makes the watch versatile, so Suzann can wear this watch with any outfit.  And wearing a basic accessory like a watch lets you make a fashion statement without being too obvious.

Michael Kors is not the only designer to incorporate big face watches for women into his collection.  Check out the jewelry counter at your local department store to find different variations of this trend.

Timex Watch

Fossil Watch

City Bumpkin

There is a time and place for everything – including your wardrobe. It may not be acceptable to wear a cowboy hat to church, but it is practically an essential item for any country concert. More importantly, ’tis the season for hay rides, haunted houses and apple picking.. so its best you know how to dress the part for these festive fall activities! When you are heading to your local farm to hand-pick delicious fruits and vegetables, why not try a new look? A farmer chic look I like to call, “city bumpkin”.

This weekend I was inspired to embrace the city bumpkin look and went apple picking while drinking my favorite seasonal drink, apple cider! Of course I had to take this opportunity to try out my city bumpkin look (and it worked wonderfully). With country superstars like Taylor Swift erasing the lines between genres of music, country aesthetics are becoming increasingly more popular (example: gingham prints).

Gingham was seen all over fashion week this September in various designers’ collections. Marc Jacobs, a contemporary designer,  took a particular interest in this trend. The collection featured gingham prints on unconventional fabrics, such as silk and sheer fabrics. Even though, gingham is often thought of as a spring fabric, it can work just as well for autumn if it comes in the right colorway. To perfect this city bumpkin look, I paired my burnt orange gingham button up shirt with a chic necklace that added an elegant touch. A unique and funky pair of shades complemented the leather riding boots which completed the look.

Gingham featured in Marc Jacob's Collection at New York Fashion Week in the Fall 2011

Why not take advantage of these fall activities, and when you choose to do so, make sure you dress the part!

Military Inspirations, By Andrew

With the cold fall weather finally among us, I am beginning to see more and more military inspired jackets, vest, and boots. I am loving the dark shades of green and brown. I recently picked up a great green jacket from J. Crew. The heavy canvas is perfect right now to make the transition from summer to fall.

Below, I spotted my friend Taylor in a great military inspired vest. A perfect layering piece, not to mention they look wonderful matched with her green army boots. Love this entire look. Military for fall is absolutely trending right now.

Theres an app for that! Pose App by Ayla

So we are constantly taking about new technology and innovation. Every day we are introduced to something new and exciting.  We have all been trained to by apple to believe that there is an app for absolutely every occasion. Over the summer one of the people I worked for said that they had an app that they wanted me to review. It was called Pose.

Here is part of the article I wrote over the summer.  The whole article can be found on

Can’t figure out if red, the hot new color for fall, looks good on your skin tone or if you can pull off plaid? Snap a photo on your iPhone using the Pose app and get instant feedback. Other people that are using the app have the opportunity to look at what you have uploaded and give you their feedback on what you are thinking about buying or your most recent purchases.

Pose also helps you keep a catalog of the items that you have purchased or wish to purchase, handy for going back and reviewing what’s already been purchased for your wardrobe and what you still need. The app allows you to add the store info and the price of all items and then it gets added to the stream of other items that the like minded social shoppers using the Pose app are uploading.

If you could care less about what random people using the app are doing, check out what the Posers are buying. Posers are handpicked by the company to help inspire shoppers and to share their fashion finds. They are composed of mostly fashion bloggers and celeb stylists who take pictures of what they are wearing or buying for others. It acts as a great guide in theory, but after could definitely use more of a selection and ability to filter by your own tastes.

This is another way that we can track trends and see what people are wearing. In theory this is a great way to share what you are buying the your friends or anyone else using the app, but it has not quite caught on yet. The Posers are also just fashion bloggers like all of us who post on Foxy Fashion. They are not true trend forecasters looking into the future, they are just snapping photos of what they like.

Although this App is not quite up to speed yet, things like this could be very prevalent in the future so it s important that we keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground so we do not miss what is out there.

Go Faux by Tory

While cooler temperatures force us to bundle up, no one ever said bundling had to be boring. The change of seasons to Fall always brings an onslaught of new outerwear trends. Over the past few years, faux fur has been appearing all over celebrities, runways, retail stores, and even college campuses. While authentic fur provides a luxurious look and incredible warmth, faux fur is a fantastic, inexpensive, and animal-friendly option for achieving on-trend style for Fall and Winter.

Here are some stylish faux fur outerwear pieces currently in stores.

Forever 21 Cheetah Lined Faux Fur Vest $37.80                    Juicy Couture ‘Polar’ Faux Fur Vest $278

BB Dakota ‘Janika’ Faux Fur Vest $65                         MINKPINK ‘Double Agent’ Faux Fur Coat $148

I’m not about to force any of my beliefs on you, but if you are unaware of the inhumane practices of the fur industry please visit PETA’s website here.

Royally Ravishing- by Madeline

Most celebrities can often be spotted running into Starbucks in their large sunglasses and their favorite baseball cap! Lately we have been seeing a new trend of hats hit the red carpet ( and no these hats do not have a New York Yankee symbol plastered across the front!) Ever since the Royal Wedding it seems that celebrities and fashionistas everywhere have been inspired by Kate & Pippa Middelton’s love of beautiful hats. The hat is becoming a new accessory to add some flare and individuality to a beautiful gown, or a tailored suit! This look can be seen strutting down the runway in New York Fashion Week or appearing on the red carpet on our favorite celebs! It is yet to be seen whether or not the “fancy hat” will trickle down to the mass market but I definitely think this look would turn heads on Marist Campus!

Princess Kate

Kim Kardashian

Sometimes the hat should be left out of the outfit Serena…

Ahoy, Matey! Nautical Fashion by Laura

It may be too cold for a day on the boat, but nautical-inspired fashion is still heating up.  Keep watch for this classically simple and chic style, which has infiltrated almost all categories of apparel.

Jcrew Unisex St. James Meridien II Nautical tee

Ropes, anchors, stripes—it’s everywhere!  And don’t fret that this theme is too seasonal.  The basic and neutral color palette of white and navy or red and white is a perfect transition from summer to fall.  This trend won’t be sailing away anytime soon either.  Many of the pieces are sure to become staples in your wardrobe because of their versatility: the colors and simple patterns work professionally as well as casually.

Nicole is ready to tackle a day of student teaching while still looking good!

Nicole is wearing a versatile maritime dress (a valuable purchase made during her semester abroad in Madrid, Spain).  It is a simple cotton dress, but it also gives a respectable impression.  The short sleeves and striped bodice make a casual statement while the silhouetted and structured skirt adds more formality.  And the length is neither too short to be inappropriate at work, or too long that it looks dowdy.

Anchor-detailed buttons on the sleeves of Nicole's dress

“I wore this dress to student teach today, but I can also wear it when I go out with my friends or to a nice outing.  It’s the perfect combination of dressy and casual,” says Nicole.

Whether it’s a navy and white striped sweater or a maritime tote, get your sea legs and come aboard the Nautical Fashion Boat!

Nautical tote from

My New Obsession: Statement Earrings

Anthropologie's Edge of Space Drops

My new favorite purchase is a pair of statement earrings from Anthropologie, called the “Edge of Space Drops”.  I love the gold accent around the edge of the polished geode stone and, even more, the sparkling crystals along the inside.  Clearly, I have an unhealthy obsession with raw geode stones (see Fall into Cozy Chic), but something about those crystals glistening at me makes my heart skip a beat each time I see them.  Therefore, when I was shopping my way through my favorite store and I saw those earrings glaring back at me – I knew I had to have them. (Luckily, the half price sale price didn’t hurt either!)  Statement Earrings can be the perfect finishing touch to polish your overall look.  They can add the right amount of elegance when you are wearing a scarf, a high neck top and even a one shoulder top.  A necklace with any of these looks can be too distracting; therefore, a bold earring makes the perfect accessory!

Kate Middleton on her wedding day

Sofia Vergara at the Emmy's 2011

Statement earrings were seen all over the Emmy’s this past month and will continue to be a large presence in the fashion world. So jump on this trend train with other trendsetters like Sofia Vergara and Kate Middelton and make a statement with your earrings next time you want that certain someone to give you a double-take !

Tips for Statement Earrings:

  • Be sure that the earrings are the main focus – try not to have any other jewelry around your neck.
  • Try to keep the hair off your face.  Pulling your hair back will add elegance to the look.