Indian Summer- Maxi Dresses by Madeline

As the weather continues to stay hot ,many of us New Yorkers are beginning to wonder whether or not it is actually fall in NY. As Laura already mentioned, it is difficult for many of us to decide whether or not we should dive into our favorite fall trends, or stick with our light fabrics of summer. One of the trends that has stuck around on the Marist campus is the Maxi dress. The maxi dress is a stylish and simple option to put on on a sunny day. I spotted a friend of mine Dana on her cellphone in Upperwest wearing a beautiful and bright Nanette Lepore maxi dress.

Dream Catcher Maxi Dress- Nanette Lepore

Dana paired her maxi dress with beaded sandals and stacked gold and turquoise bangles. Dana also wore a small off- white sweater vest to complete her look.

Dana striking a pose!

Sandals by Joki

Maxi dresses were also very popular in the streets of London this fall. These women showed how to wear your maxi dresses in the colder weather (that is if the colder weather ever comes!)

How to Dress for that In-between Weather by Laura

The calendar reads October, but the weather is reading August.  In the past two weeks, we have had some freakishly warm weather–not that I am complaining–but it does make getting dressed in the morning a little more complicated.  Should you wear jeans? Boots?  Should you bring a sweater in case it gets cold?  And what about those random rain showers we’ve been having!  Should you bring a rain jacket instead?  And while it feels like the summer, it is the fall, meaning most of our summer pieces are a little out of season.  What’s a girl to do?

I was sitting in class when I noticed my classmate Marygrace’s outfit for the 75 ° October day.  She was wearing a simple white tank top tucked into a tan high-waisted skirt with tall brown boots that had black knee-highs peeking out of the top.  It was perfect!

Marygrace's fall-friendly look

The tank top and skirt fit with the warmer weather, and the neutral tones and tall boots transitioned the look into the fall season.  While the skirt is loose and flouncy, the heavier material makes it a versatile piece for any season.  It is an outfit that Marygrace can recycle when the weather does get cooler by simply adding a pair of tights and a sweater or a jacket.

A neutral skirt is super versatile

I am all about outfits that are simple and sleek, and this is one of them.  There are just three different parts to it–a basic white tank, a plain tan skirt, and a pair of basic brown boots–but together the look is timeless.

Marygrace's tall brown boots make her look fitting for the fall

So on the next warm October day, don’t freak out.  Go through some of your warmer weather clothes and find the basics, then add a piece from your fall wardrobe to pull the look together.

No, you’re not upside down… that print is just on the bottom!

Maddy's funky take on printed bottoms.

Printed bottoms are becoming increasingly more popular which can be seen on the runways but is even more prevalent on the street level. Overtime, we have seen prints move throughout our outfits from our tops to on our skirts and now onto our shorts and pants. Wearing a print on the bottom part of your outfit draws the eyes to an area that is often overlooked; creating interesting and unique outfits that are more memorable than the usual printed top look.  Maddy wore these adorable black and white polka pants with a funky tee that represents her style and personality well.  By pairing it with the sea-foam green cardigan it added a necessary pop of color.

It’s easy to make this look your own whether you make it funky the way Maddy has done, unconventional like Proenza Schouler or give it a classic twist like Katie Holmes. Printed bottoms are a great way to try out a mixed print ensemble and also look awesome with a simple top. If wearing a pair of printed pants is too much of a fashion risk for you, try a pair of printed tight instead! Printed bottoms are in so why not try it out for yourself?

Katie Holmes's classic twist on printed bottoms.

Proenza Schouler F/W 2012 Printed Bottoms














Maddy’s Style Tip:

“Dress for comfort and especially in layers.  On days like today when it’s hot outside and cold in the classroom it’s essential to have a sweater or scarf”.

Will This New Silhouette Catch On? By Ayla

As I was browsing through The Sartorialist this afternoon I spotted this dress…

This dress is without a doubt an interesting mix of elements. I love the side cut out and the volume in the skirt. How they shirt is attached to the bodice is different and I cannot decide whether or not I like it. This women seems like an innovator and in not afraid to take some risks. Although I am unsure if this silhouette will ever catch on it is interesting to take a look at.

What do you think?

Prepping For a Trendy Halloween by Tory

Every year when October rolls around there’s one main question on everyone’s minds- what will I be for Halloween? There are trends every year for Halloween costumes, from popular movie characters (Jack Sparrow), to pop music icons (Lady Gaga), to classic iconic looks. But this year, leave your skimpy French maid costume at home, because Halloween 2011 is not bringing sexy back.

The movie “Mean Girls” reinforced the notion that “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” In my opinion, however, a young girl (or an older woman for that matter) dressed up in a Playboy Bunny costume is not cute. Ditch the overtly sexy option for a less offensive choice (one that wouldn’t make conservative parents cringe too much) while still maintaining a flattering look.

Popular costume predictions for this year include Rainbow Brite, Smurfs, “Mad Men” and “Pan Am” Characters, vampires and werewolves (this trend just won’t go away), pirates, Katy Perry, and of course Gaga.

Statement Earrings by Madeline

Maybe J-Lo had it right all along with her signature hoops, statement earrings are the best accessory to pull together a sexy and chic look ! Many feel that they cannot wear large dangling earrings because of “the size of their head” or “how it makes their face look” but there is a type of statement earrings for everyone! A classic look that everyone can pull off is the large pearl. The large pearl earring is the perfect way to complete your favorite lady-like outfit with hair swept up into a tight bun. Another great look is the hoop earring, and lately it seems its the bigger the better! Hoops are a fun and sexy way to complete a simple look like jeans and a tee or to wear with your favorite outfit for a night on the town with your friends! Everyone’s favorite new earring is the feather earring. Feather earrings come in neutral colors that can match your hair as well as bright colors to stand out for a boho-chic look! So if you’re feeling bored with your large necklaces or bold bangles , try a pair of statement earrings next time you put together your outfit, you will not be disappointed!

J-Lo's signature hoops

Angelina looks stunning in her pearls

Vannessa looks fun and casual in these feather earrings

Eva with glam diamond starfish earrings

How to Rock Fall Shorts

Don’t pack away all your summery clothes for the fall just yet! Keep those shorts in your drawers and use them to create a look that works in this cool weather.

I spotted Irina looking chic on her way home from class and I instantly loved the way she mixed together different pieces from her wardrobe to create her look.  By pairing her floral shorts with a pair of sheer black stockings it made it more appropriate for autumn weather.  The light-weight jacket balanced the tights on the bottom, and the fabulous wedges made her legs look long and lean… and who doesn’t want that? I love how she completed the look by using a handbag that is right on trend with this season.  The calf-hair detailing gave a heavier feel to the overall outfit.  Pairing all these pieces with a few extra accessories instantly turned this look from so-summery to funky-fall.

Here are other fabulous women who know how to rock a fall shorts look:

Nicole Richie used velvet shorts as her heavy fabric accent.

Olivia Palermo paired her fall shorts with chic fur.

Irina’s Style Tip: 

“Wear what you like. ”  As simple as her advice is, it has so much meaning behind it.  If you enjoy what you wear you feel good about yourself and that confidence is something others see and admire!

A Trend for Everyone by Laura

Last week, we talked about the rise of military-inspired fashion.  Here is a variation of the military or utilitarian trend in footwear: the Chukka Boot.

Clarks Desert Boot

These ankle-length boots have two or three rows of lacing, and are also known as “Desert Boots,”  named after the boots worn by British soldiers in the Western Desert Campaign during World War II.  The boots look vintage with their basic pioneer style, but have become a trendy asset to complement any outfit.  The moccasin-shoe-hybrid can be dressed up or dressed down.


Lauren looking comfy and chic for class in her Chukka boots

J.CREW MacAlister Boot

What’s great about these boots is that they are unisex.  And if us gals want to elevate our look, we can opt for the wedge chukka.  Better yet is the comfort factor: you won’t want to take these off!

White Mountain Icon Bootie

Color Blocking is the new Black? By Andrew

Taking note of what the fashion innovators of today are wearing while viewing the most recent shows during New York, London, and Paris fashion week is a great way to see what the current trends off the runway are, and how they are developing.  A trend that I found to be close to impossible to miss was the popularity of color blocking.

I found this to be interesting, seeing that wearing all black is usually  the unofficial ‘uniform’ for many attending fashion week. We are seeing lots of color blocking using black and bright bold colors such as: burnt orange, yellow, cerulean blue, emerald green,  and classic white.

Below are some shots I believe best exemplify this trend of color blocking. All of the photographs used were taken from


Red Soled Shoes By Ayla

As you may or may not have heard Louboutin lost the battle of the red soled shoes. According to, a federal court judge in Manhattan ruled aguinst Louboutin in their battle with YSL over the use of red on the soles of a pair of their shoes.

Why such a big deal? The article stated,

The crimson-colored YSL’s prompted a lawsuit by Louboutin, who claimed to have originated the concept of red soles in his shoes as a trademark nearly 20 years ago when he painted red nail polish on the black soles of a pair of women’s shoes.

That mattered not to Judge Marrero who said Louboutin’s ownership claim to a red sole would harm competition not only in high fashion shoes, but potentially in the markets for other fashion articles as well, putting makers of dresses, coats, bags, hats and gloves in fear of lawsuits.

In an artistic analogy, Marrero said it would be as if Picasso had sued Monet, saying he painted his water lilies with a distinctive indigo that Picasso used on his images of water.

Will red soles be a new trend now that it is settled that Louboutin has no trademark on them?

I have already spotted a few pairs. The picture above is a photo of the sole of a pair of boots my mom just bought and I think we will start to see red soles more and more. Keep your eyes peeled for what will happen next.