Maxi Skirt Thursday’s by Ayla

Last Thursday I was extremely surprised how many people I saw wearing maxi skirts. Within and hour I was able to take pictures of two of my friends wearing these trendy, fun skirts. After seeing them separately the both came into the fashion lab so I was able to take a picture of them together.

Both of them embraced this style and looked fantastic. They each took a different approach to how they wore the skirt.

Gina, paired the skirt with a tight tucked in top, a belt, cardigan, and wedge booties. I liked this look because she looked dressed up, but at the same time it looked effortless and easy.

Lauren, paired the skirt with a longer looser fitting top and riding boots. She looked equally as great as Gina but more casual and laid back.


Make an Imprint on a Rainy Day

A fun alternative for a rainy day.

On a rainy day like today, most people shy away from dressing up and often resort to their favorite pair of sweatpants in the bottom drawer.  However, there are a few exceptions who try to make the best of the rainy day by sprucing up their attire and making a different kind of splash!

Rachel definitely made my day tens time better when I saw her in her snake skin printed leggings.  Not only are they unique but they are fun which is the perfect balance to a rainy day. Printed leggings can spice up an outfit, one just has to be careful that they balance the look properly with their other pieces.  Rachel makes this ensemble look so easy by pairing it with a pair of worn in boots and a denim top. She makes a rainy day outfit still look casual and chic.

Close-up of Rachel's snake skin leggings and boots.

Rachel can easily make these snake skin leggings the ultimate nighttime glam outfit by pairing it with a pair of swanky stilettos and a beautiful black top or tunic. These leggings make a bold statement already, so why not balance that out on your face by using a bright red lipstick?

When put together the right way, printed leggings can be fun, casual and even sexy!

How to Make Basic Black Your Blank Canvas

Lisa dresses up black

When you can’t make a black outfit work, here are some tips to make your outfit a touch more trendy! Lisa took her plain black t-shirt and jeans outfit and by adding a few accessories transformed it into a chic attire.

  1. Add a splash of color.  Even if it is just gray as Lisa has done because it draws your eyes in.  Plus I love the color of her light gray sweater, it makes me want to make some hot cocoa and snuggle in it.
  2. Highlight a fun accessory (or more). Like me, Lisa has an obsession with statement pieces such as her silver hammered necklace shown here. If you are not a necklace person why not try out another accessory?  Earrings, headbands, bracelets, watches and even belts make for a great statement piece. Lisa highlighted multiple accessories by having them far enough are part from one another so that they did not compete.  As well, by using accessories in the same color story it made the necklace, belt and watch work well together and compliment one another.
  3. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Lisa chose a great black boot that was perfect for our college campus; however, if you are going on a date why not put on your favorite pair of heels?  Shoes are a great way to transform any outfit – especially for a plain black outfit a pop of color in your kicks can take an outfit from drab to fab! Just make sure the shoes you choose are appropriate for the occasion.

Think of a black outfit as a blank canvas, you can change up these tips every day and essentially come up with a new look each time!

The Down Low on Midi Hemlines

Why not take a challenge this fall and try to put together an outfit centered around a mid-length (midi) hemline skirt.  Fall skirts are in and come in a variety of shapes and lengths.  One of the most challenging (yet rewarding in style) perhaps is the midi hemline that falls right above the calf. For girls like me, with more “muscular” legs, this may highlight an area you are a bit uncomfortable with but with the right pieces and accessories its easy to bring the focus to an area you want to show off and look fabulous!

Stephanie's elegant midi hemline outfit

Stephanie pulls off the midi hemline flawlessly.  By adding a unique belt to her full pleated skirt it brings your eyes to focus on the narrowest part of her body, her waist. By tucking her top into the skirt and accented it with the belt it creates a great shape which would work on most figures.  Stephanie completes the look by adding a cardigan to balance out the fall weather.  While wearing a fall skirt its best to compliment the fullness of the skirt with the opposite fullness on top; so if you choose to wear a straight line skirt wear a fuller top. Finally, midi hemlines look the best while wearing heels to elongate the legs; so if when you try this trend out be sure to grab your favorite pair of heels! (Tip: A nude heel will continue to elongate your legs)

Some other great examples of mid-length hemlines are below:

Taylor Swift in a Rodarte Midi Hemline Dress

Sarah Jessica Parker in a full midi hemline skirt

So remember the three basic rules that these three fashionistas followed:

1) Balance out the fullness (or lack of fullness) of your skirt with your top

2) Emphasize your waist

3) Wear your favorite pair of heels

The New Fashionology By Ayla

So when looking on trend on the Marist campus it is important that we do not overlook the importance of Fashionology. This student run boutique gives students the oppertunity to learn about what it takes to run a businesses while providing the marist community with trendy accesories at a “student friendly price point.” The buyers for fashionology buy in season so they are able to react to trend much better than large retail stores. As a community, Marist is very well dressed and fashionology definatly helps.

In the past week, Fashionology has launched their own e-commerce business. This has given myself and 3 other students the chance to learn about the e-commerce business. We have bought some great merchandise that is exclusive to the online store and will not be avilible at the kiosk.

Here is a preview of the merchandise currently on the website. Hopefully in the next couple week we will see a large number of orders and will see this great on trend merchandise all over the marist campus.

Please visit !

Re-purpose Your Favorite Summer Maxi Dress for a Great Fall Look by Ayla

So there are some summer items that we are not quite ready to put away despite the change in weather. One of theses items is your favorite maxi dress.  As long as the dress is not made out of light weight summer fabric, it can easily be paired with a cute pair of boots/booties and your favorite fall sweater or jacket.

Gina pulled this off flawlessly. She paired this jersey maxi dress with a simple sweater with a cable knit pattern down the center. The dress had a great print, in a fun color, that made a gloomy fall day a little brighter. It was a chillier day so she also wore a brown jacket which looked great with the pinkish color in the dress.

Bold Pants

Lauren in her colorful red pants.

Why not make a bold statement with your pants this fall? Colorful pants are in – just remember not to wear them two days in a row!

Lauren’s bright red pants compliment the fall foliage here in the Hudson Valley.  The red corduroys are balanced nicely with her black pants, grey top and black headband.  What a great way to color block too!  Lauren made a lovely statement with her neutral color palette, but if you are feeling a little wild that day why not pair it with another bright fun color?

So be a fashion leader and try a pair of bold colorful pants for yourself! Whether it’s denim or cords, get noticed with this bold trend.







Here are a few other examples of how you can wear your colorful pants! How will you rock your colored pants?

Jessica Alba makes her casual outfit extra cute with her lavender denim.

Rihanna takes her bold look to the next level by pairing her colorful bottoms with an equally bright top.

Kim Kardashian (like Lauren) uses neutrals to tone down the brightness of her pants.

Lauren’s Style Tip: “Mix neutral colors when you are wearing one bright color to balance the outfit out!”

Colorful School Girl by Tory

“School Girl” style has become an iconic look in womenswear. This look extends far beyond the classic navy-plaid pleated skirts and white collared blouses fashioned at prep-schools. The school girl trend cycles in and out of style, but this fall girls have been spicing the look up with playful colors.


Today I spotted a student named Amari while I was working at a local boutique. Her outfit first grabbed my attention with the vibrant color combination. But at second glance I noticed the silhouette she was wearing mimicked the school girl look in a fun and funky way. She balances out the femininity of her flirty lime skirt with dark basics and flat black motorcycle boots.

Although Amari claims she doesn’t have a style secret, I can tell she’s a girl who’s never fully dressed without a smile.

This look has been seen through iconic characters of our time, from the movie “Clueless” to the popular television series (based on the book series) “Gossip Girl”. The school girl style was also seen at the designer level, including being featured in DKNY’s Fall 2011 runway show.

Gossip Girl

Wear that Poncho with Pride by Laura

A few weeks ago, Madeline wrote about the “psychedelic” trends growing in popularity taking their inspiration from looks seen in the 1960s and 1970s.  Today I saw this trend first hand on my way to class when I spotted Callie looking comfy and cozy in an olive green poncho.  Trust me, this isn’t your grandmother’s poncho, either.  This cotton poncho has a cowl-neck and wide sleeves that give it an updated look from its original debut.  It’s a great solution for those in-between days we’ve been talking about too!

Callie's 60's inspired look

How to Dress for that In-between Weather by Laura

The calendar reads October, but the weather is reading August.  In the past two weeks, we have had some freakishly warm weather–not that I am complaining–but it does make getting dressed in the morning a little more complicated.  Should you wear jeans? Boots?  Should you bring a sweater in case it gets cold?  And what about those random rain showers we’ve been having!  Should you bring a rain jacket instead?  And while it feels like the summer, it is the fall, meaning most of our summer pieces are a little out of season.  What’s a girl to do?

I was sitting in class when I noticed my classmate Marygrace’s outfit for the 75 ° October day.  She was wearing a simple white tank top tucked into a tan high-waisted skirt with tall brown boots that had black knee-highs peeking out of the top.  It was perfect!

Marygrace's fall-friendly look

The tank top and skirt fit with the warmer weather, and the neutral tones and tall boots transitioned the look into the fall season.  While the skirt is loose and flouncy, the heavier material makes it a versatile piece for any season.  It is an outfit that Marygrace can recycle when the weather does get cooler by simply adding a pair of tights and a sweater or a jacket.

A neutral skirt is super versatile

I am all about outfits that are simple and sleek, and this is one of them.  There are just three different parts to it–a basic white tank, a plain tan skirt, and a pair of basic brown boots–but together the look is timeless.

Marygrace's tall brown boots make her look fitting for the fall

So on the next warm October day, don’t freak out.  Go through some of your warmer weather clothes and find the basics, then add a piece from your fall wardrobe to pull the look together.