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Make an Imprint on a Rainy Day

A fun alternative for a rainy day.

On a rainy day like today, most people shy away from dressing up and often resort to their favorite pair of sweatpants in the bottom drawer.  However, there are a few exceptions who try to make the best of the rainy day by sprucing up their attire and making a different kind of splash!

Rachel definitely made my day tens time better when I saw her in her snake skin printed leggings.  Not only are they unique but they are fun which is the perfect balance to a rainy day. Printed leggings can spice up an outfit, one just has to be careful that they balance the look properly with their other pieces.  Rachel makes this ensemble look so easy by pairing it with a pair of worn in boots and a denim top. She makes a rainy day outfit still look casual and chic.

Close-up of Rachel's snake skin leggings and boots.

Rachel can easily make these snake skin leggings the ultimate nighttime glam outfit by pairing it with a pair of swanky stilettos and a beautiful black top or tunic. These leggings make a bold statement already, so why not balance that out on your face by using a bright red lipstick?

When put together the right way, printed leggings can be fun, casual and even sexy!


How to Make Basic Black Your Blank Canvas

Lisa dresses up black

When you can’t make a black outfit work, here are some tips to make your outfit a touch more trendy! Lisa took her plain black t-shirt and jeans outfit and by adding a few accessories transformed it into a chic attire.

  1. Add a splash of color.  Even if it is just gray as Lisa has done because it draws your eyes in.  Plus I love the color of her light gray sweater, it makes me want to make some hot cocoa and snuggle in it.
  2. Highlight a fun accessory (or more). Like me, Lisa has an obsession with statement pieces such as her silver hammered necklace shown here. If you are not a necklace person why not try out another accessory?  Earrings, headbands, bracelets, watches and even belts make for a great statement piece. Lisa highlighted multiple accessories by having them far enough are part from one another so that they did not compete.  As well, by using accessories in the same color story it made the necklace, belt and watch work well together and compliment one another.
  3. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Lisa chose a great black boot that was perfect for our college campus; however, if you are going on a date why not put on your favorite pair of heels?  Shoes are a great way to transform any outfit – especially for a plain black outfit a pop of color in your kicks can take an outfit from drab to fab! Just make sure the shoes you choose are appropriate for the occasion.

Think of a black outfit as a blank canvas, you can change up these tips every day and essentially come up with a new look each time!

The Down Low on Midi Hemlines

Why not take a challenge this fall and try to put together an outfit centered around a mid-length (midi) hemline skirt.  Fall skirts are in and come in a variety of shapes and lengths.  One of the most challenging (yet rewarding in style) perhaps is the midi hemline that falls right above the calf. For girls like me, with more “muscular” legs, this may highlight an area you are a bit uncomfortable with but with the right pieces and accessories its easy to bring the focus to an area you want to show off and look fabulous!

Stephanie's elegant midi hemline outfit

Stephanie pulls off the midi hemline flawlessly.  By adding a unique belt to her full pleated skirt it brings your eyes to focus on the narrowest part of her body, her waist. By tucking her top into the skirt and accented it with the belt it creates a great shape which would work on most figures.  Stephanie completes the look by adding a cardigan to balance out the fall weather.  While wearing a fall skirt its best to compliment the fullness of the skirt with the opposite fullness on top; so if you choose to wear a straight line skirt wear a fuller top. Finally, midi hemlines look the best while wearing heels to elongate the legs; so if when you try this trend out be sure to grab your favorite pair of heels! (Tip: A nude heel will continue to elongate your legs)

Some other great examples of mid-length hemlines are below:

Taylor Swift in a Rodarte Midi Hemline Dress

Sarah Jessica Parker in a full midi hemline skirt

So remember the three basic rules that these three fashionistas followed:

1) Balance out the fullness (or lack of fullness) of your skirt with your top

2) Emphasize your waist

3) Wear your favorite pair of heels

Military Inspired Footwear

Isle Jacobsen boots spotted in Norway.

Our military men and women inspire us in many ways, including fashion.  Last Fall in 2010, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel throughout Europe before I started my semester abroad in Italy.  I took that time to visit Scandinavia and while I was there I kept spotting a trend everywhere I went.  Women were all wearing lace up rain boots, whether it was raining or not, that had white writing at the top of the boot. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about these military inspired boots but the more people I saw the more I fell in love.

Due to the language barrier I couldn’t ask anyone who made the boots, so instead I took a picture of someone walking past me in Norway in hopes of capturing a name. Luckily, I got half of the name and “googled” it to find Isle Jacobsen, a Scandinavian herself.  I immediately called my parents and asked if I could be spotted a few thousand dollars to buy in bulk from Jacobsen and sell in the United States when I returned – but sadly I was rejected. Instead, I left Norwary empty handed.  In the spring when I returned to the United States I was shopping at Madewell, and actually saw Isle Jacobsen rain boots for sale and I was floored; it also proved my point that we should have invested.

This fall, it has been evident that military inspired boots are extremely “in”. From Anthropologie to Forever21, lace up boots and booties are sold everywhere. Celebrities are even wearing them on the red carpet!  They are a great accessory because they can give any delicate outfit a little bit of edge or make a touch girl look even tougher.

Anthropologie Military Inspired Boots

Willow Smith working her military inspired boots on the red carpet

Like I already said, the military does so much for us – so always remember to thank our military service for all that they do!

Bold Pants

Lauren in her colorful red pants.

Why not make a bold statement with your pants this fall? Colorful pants are in – just remember not to wear them two days in a row!

Lauren’s bright red pants compliment the fall foliage here in the Hudson Valley.  The red corduroys are balanced nicely with her black pants, grey top and black headband.  What a great way to color block too!  Lauren made a lovely statement with her neutral color palette, but if you are feeling a little wild that day why not pair it with another bright fun color?

So be a fashion leader and try a pair of bold colorful pants for yourself! Whether it’s denim or cords, get noticed with this bold trend.







Here are a few other examples of how you can wear your colorful pants! How will you rock your colored pants?

Jessica Alba makes her casual outfit extra cute with her lavender denim.

Rihanna takes her bold look to the next level by pairing her colorful bottoms with an equally bright top.

Kim Kardashian (like Lauren) uses neutrals to tone down the brightness of her pants.

Lauren’s Style Tip: “Mix neutral colors when you are wearing one bright color to balance the outfit out!”

Has It Really Trickled Down? – by Ayla & Gina

Just because the “grunge” look started on the streets, doesn’t mean the couture runway doesn’t effect JC Penny’s. We took a look at couture runway shows from 5 years ago, 3 years ago and 1 year ago to see the affect they had on what’s in store and on the streets today.  We analyzed Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and Elie Saab’s couture shows Fall/Winter 2006, F/W 2008 and F/W 2010 to pick out trends that we see translated into the fashion of today. The top five trends we spotted were fur, lace, metallic, red hues and sheer fabrics.



Here are some of the ways we have found it has transitioned from couture to street wear in stores and on the streets.

Leather Made Ladylike…

Dayna's Ladylike Leather Shorts Ensamble

When most people think of leather bottoms its usually has to do with S&M… but no longer is that the case! This season take those bottoms from trashy to classy with the proper styling techniques! The thick material of leather is perfect for fall weather and can easily go from day to night. A great way to make this look extra fabulous is by pairing it with a pair of texture tights, just try to keep it in the same color story!

I spotted Dayna in her leather shorts from H&M and was instantly inspired. Not only does she look totally chic, but she didn’t have to break her piggy bank to be fashion forward! Dayna completed her look with a bunch of fun accessories that pulled in all the colors.  Dayna’s use of stockings and adorable heels compliment her leather shorts and makes her another prime example of a girl “Rocking Fall Shorts”.

Of course there are always a few celebrities who also know how to make leather ladylike.  Olivia Palermo, our favorite shorts guru, once again rocked an outfit with her leather bottoms. The black and white jacket made her look casual and classy.  Other great examples of ladylike leather are on Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung.. and when don’t they look chic?

Olivia Palermo

Alexa Chung

Rachel Bilson

Dayna’s Style Tip:

“I always wear outfits that I love! Sometimes I think to myself that a look may be too fancy for a college campus but when I remind myself how much I love it I decide to wear it anyway and have yet to regret it!  When you wear something you love, you feel good inside!”

No, you’re not upside down… that print is just on the bottom!

Maddy's funky take on printed bottoms.

Printed bottoms are becoming increasingly more popular which can be seen on the runways but is even more prevalent on the street level. Overtime, we have seen prints move throughout our outfits from our tops to on our skirts and now onto our shorts and pants. Wearing a print on the bottom part of your outfit draws the eyes to an area that is often overlooked; creating interesting and unique outfits that are more memorable than the usual printed top look.  Maddy wore these adorable black and white polka pants with a funky tee that represents her style and personality well.  By pairing it with the sea-foam green cardigan it added a necessary pop of color.

It’s easy to make this look your own whether you make it funky the way Maddy has done, unconventional like Proenza Schouler or give it a classic twist like Katie Holmes. Printed bottoms are a great way to try out a mixed print ensemble and also look awesome with a simple top. If wearing a pair of printed pants is too much of a fashion risk for you, try a pair of printed tight instead! Printed bottoms are in so why not try it out for yourself?

Katie Holmes's classic twist on printed bottoms.

Proenza Schouler F/W 2012 Printed Bottoms














Maddy’s Style Tip:

“Dress for comfort and especially in layers.  On days like today when it’s hot outside and cold in the classroom it’s essential to have a sweater or scarf”.

How to Rock Fall Shorts

Don’t pack away all your summery clothes for the fall just yet! Keep those shorts in your drawers and use them to create a look that works in this cool weather.

I spotted Irina looking chic on her way home from class and I instantly loved the way she mixed together different pieces from her wardrobe to create her look.  By pairing her floral shorts with a pair of sheer black stockings it made it more appropriate for autumn weather.  The light-weight jacket balanced the tights on the bottom, and the fabulous wedges made her legs look long and lean… and who doesn’t want that? I love how she completed the look by using a handbag that is right on trend with this season.  The calf-hair detailing gave a heavier feel to the overall outfit.  Pairing all these pieces with a few extra accessories instantly turned this look from so-summery to funky-fall.

Here are other fabulous women who know how to rock a fall shorts look:

Nicole Richie used velvet shorts as her heavy fabric accent.

Olivia Palermo paired her fall shorts with chic fur.

Irina’s Style Tip: 

“Wear what you like. ”  As simple as her advice is, it has so much meaning behind it.  If you enjoy what you wear you feel good about yourself and that confidence is something others see and admire!

City Bumpkin

There is a time and place for everything – including your wardrobe. It may not be acceptable to wear a cowboy hat to church, but it is practically an essential item for any country concert. More importantly, ’tis the season for hay rides, haunted houses and apple picking.. so its best you know how to dress the part for these festive fall activities! When you are heading to your local farm to hand-pick delicious fruits and vegetables, why not try a new look? A farmer chic look I like to call, “city bumpkin”.

This weekend I was inspired to embrace the city bumpkin look and went apple picking while drinking my favorite seasonal drink, apple cider! Of course I had to take this opportunity to try out my city bumpkin look (and it worked wonderfully). With country superstars like Taylor Swift erasing the lines between genres of music, country aesthetics are becoming increasingly more popular (example: gingham prints).

Gingham was seen all over fashion week this September in various designers’ collections. Marc Jacobs, a contemporary designer,  took a particular interest in this trend. The collection featured gingham prints on unconventional fabrics, such as silk and sheer fabrics. Even though, gingham is often thought of as a spring fabric, it can work just as well for autumn if it comes in the right colorway. To perfect this city bumpkin look, I paired my burnt orange gingham button up shirt with a chic necklace that added an elegant touch. A unique and funky pair of shades complemented the leather riding boots which completed the look.

Gingham featured in Marc Jacob's Collection at New York Fashion Week in the Fall 2011

Why not take advantage of these fall activities, and when you choose to do so, make sure you dress the part!