Quite Feminine in Flannel by Laura

As the leaves fall around us, leaving the trees bare, and the Starbucks signature red holiday cup starts making a popular appearance, it is time to accept that autumn is over and we are moving full-force into winter.  It’s time to grab those boots (if you haven’t already), pull out your scarves and gloves, and dig up your warm-weather coats.  In doing so, we will most likely find corduroys and our coziest and comfiest sweaters, sadly putting away those light-weight cardigans and delicate items until next spring.  But warm chunky sweaters are not our only option for the colder weather…

This winter, try tapping into your inner 90’s grunge with flannel.  It may not sound glamorous (and to be quite honest, it isn’t), but it is comfortable, warm, and stylish when worn properly.  Flannel is not just for lumberjacks anymore.  This season, flannel has been integrated into women’s wear, with more feminine details and silhouettes.  Below are two examples of different ways flannel can be worn while still appearing stylish–not mannish.

Flannel tunic over leggings

Here, the flannel tunic is belted to enhance the ladylike hourglass silhouette.  The close-fitting leggings also balance out the flowyness of the tunic, keeping her looking slim instead of bulky.  And last but not least, a great pair of boots always ties any look together!

Pink Palette

In this picture, she is wearing a standard flannel in a pink palette.  These colors add to the femininity of the outfit, but the look is still laid-back and casual.  It’s a great option for brightening up those dreary winter days!


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