Make an Imprint on a Rainy Day

A fun alternative for a rainy day.

On a rainy day like today, most people shy away from dressing up and often resort to their favorite pair of sweatpants in the bottom drawer.  However, there are a few exceptions who try to make the best of the rainy day by sprucing up their attire and making a different kind of splash!

Rachel definitely made my day tens time better when I saw her in her snake skin printed leggings.  Not only are they unique but they are fun which is the perfect balance to a rainy day. Printed leggings can spice up an outfit, one just has to be careful that they balance the look properly with their other pieces.  Rachel makes this ensemble look so easy by pairing it with a pair of worn in boots and a denim top. She makes a rainy day outfit still look casual and chic.

Close-up of Rachel's snake skin leggings and boots.

Rachel can easily make these snake skin leggings the ultimate nighttime glam outfit by pairing it with a pair of swanky stilettos and a beautiful black top or tunic. These leggings make a bold statement already, so why not balance that out on your face by using a bright red lipstick?

When put together the right way, printed leggings can be fun, casual and even sexy!


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