Runway Hits The Streets by Ayla

When looking at runway shows for this weeks color assignment, I took at look at D&G’s ready to wear fall 2011 show. They showed these short feather/fur skirts in various colors which I could not even begin to understand.

There are some looks that, in my opinion, should stay on the runway; this is one of them. I cannot being to understand why someone would want to ear a piece like this in their everyday life.

As I was browsing on the Sartorialist this week, I came across a picture of a women wearing a very similar skirt.

Here is a perfect example of how trends trickle down and how something seen on the runway can be adjusted for everyday. Although, it is something that I would still not be interested in wearing this, the toned down version is a little more appealing. She has taken a shirt that is a little bit much and pair it with a simple top, neutral shoes, and a statement necklace instead of a loud top and wedge sneakers which makes the look more subtle.

This is not a look I think that we will be seeing all over the place just yet, but its worth keeping our eye on.


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