Stylin’ Scarves by Laura

What was once purely a winter staple has evolved over the past few decades into a major fashion must-have: the scarf.  Whether it’s silk, cotton, lace, or knitted for you by your grandmother, there is no shortage of these versatile accessories.  With the arrival of autumn and the pre-holiday season, it’s time to bust out the scarf collection–that is if you haven’t done so already.  The early autumn sunsets bring the cooler temperatures, making it a little more difficult deciding what to wear to your 3:30 or even 5:00 class.  One of the many beauty of scarves is their multi-purposes: wrapping a scarf around your neck not only adds some pizzazz to your outfit, but it also adds a little extra warmth for those chilly days.

However, while we love our scarves (especially that “go-to” scarf that goes with every outfit), sometimes we get bored with the same old way of wearing them.  Sometimes, all it takes is a new method of wrapping to reinvent your look!  I’ve taken several different types of scarves and draped them each in a different way.  Take a look and experiment with these techniques using your own scarves.  You might be surprised to find how many different outfit combinations you can put together just by tying your scarf differently.


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