Must have Winter hats! by Madeline

The confusing weather has got us all wondering, will the Winter ever be here to stay? With snowstorms in October and 70 degree days in November, its hard to know when to pack away those summer shorts and break out our favorite “cold weather” looks! I personally always like to be prepared for the upcoming winter season making sure I have all my winter accessories ready to go! Walking the Marist campus in the Winter is brutal, especially passing through those cold pockets where the wind is coming off the Hudson and there is no giant building to sheild you! The most essential winter accessory that every Marist student must own is a winter hat. Without a hat our ears and head feel like they may just turn into an icicle. One of my favorite hat trends this season is the hat with earflaps. Whether you choose a faux fur or knit version of this hat the earflaps are essential to keeping you warm!

H & M Winter Hat with earflaps

Iceberg Winter Hat

Some of my favorite classic styles are the beanie, the pom-pom hat and the beret.

Chunky Knit Beanie

Kate Spade, holiday beret

Pom-pom winter hat

Earflaps and a pom-pom

Who will be daring enough to wear this look…

Mark Fast


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