The Down Low on Midi Hemlines

Why not take a challenge this fall and try to put together an outfit centered around a mid-length (midi) hemline skirt.  Fall skirts are in and come in a variety of shapes and lengths.  One of the most challenging (yet rewarding in style) perhaps is the midi hemline that falls right above the calf. For girls like me, with more “muscular” legs, this may highlight an area you are a bit uncomfortable with but with the right pieces and accessories its easy to bring the focus to an area you want to show off and look fabulous!

Stephanie's elegant midi hemline outfit

Stephanie pulls off the midi hemline flawlessly.  By adding a unique belt to her full pleated skirt it brings your eyes to focus on the narrowest part of her body, her waist. By tucking her top into the skirt and accented it with the belt it creates a great shape which would work on most figures.  Stephanie completes the look by adding a cardigan to balance out the fall weather.  While wearing a fall skirt its best to compliment the fullness of the skirt with the opposite fullness on top; so if you choose to wear a straight line skirt wear a fuller top. Finally, midi hemlines look the best while wearing heels to elongate the legs; so if when you try this trend out be sure to grab your favorite pair of heels! (Tip: A nude heel will continue to elongate your legs)

Some other great examples of mid-length hemlines are below:

Taylor Swift in a Rodarte Midi Hemline Dress

Sarah Jessica Parker in a full midi hemline skirt

So remember the three basic rules that these three fashionistas followed:

1) Balance out the fullness (or lack of fullness) of your skirt with your top

2) Emphasize your waist

3) Wear your favorite pair of heels


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