The New Fashionology By Ayla

So when looking on trend on the Marist campus it is important that we do not overlook the importance of Fashionology. This student run boutique gives students the oppertunity to learn about what it takes to run a businesses while providing the marist community with trendy accesories at a “student friendly price point.” The buyers for fashionology buy in season so they are able to react to trend much better than large retail stores. As a community, Marist is very well dressed and fashionology definatly helps.

In the past week, Fashionology has launched their own e-commerce business. This has given myself and 3 other students the chance to learn about the e-commerce business. We have bought some great merchandise that is exclusive to the online store and will not be avilible at the kiosk.

Here is a preview of the merchandise currently on the website. Hopefully in the next couple week we will see a large number of orders and will see this great on trend merchandise all over the marist campus.

Please visit !


One thought on “The New Fashionology By Ayla

  1. Ayla, congrats on putting Fashionology online! The site looks fantastic- but is it currently only for Marist students on campus? I’d love to support and purchase from Fashionology, but I live two hours upstate from Marist. Also, I’m sure some fashion alumni would love to continue to support the store even though they’re no longer on campus. You guys should look into shipping off-campus for the future. Again, congratulations!

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