Military Inspired Footwear

Isle Jacobsen boots spotted in Norway.

Our military men and women inspire us in many ways, including fashion.  Last Fall in 2010, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel throughout Europe before I started my semester abroad in Italy.  I took that time to visit Scandinavia and while I was there I kept spotting a trend everywhere I went.  Women were all wearing lace up rain boots, whether it was raining or not, that had white writing at the top of the boot. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about these military inspired boots but the more people I saw the more I fell in love.

Due to the language barrier I couldn’t ask anyone who made the boots, so instead I took a picture of someone walking past me in Norway in hopes of capturing a name. Luckily, I got half of the name and “googled” it to find Isle Jacobsen, a Scandinavian herself.  I immediately called my parents and asked if I could be spotted a few thousand dollars to buy in bulk from Jacobsen and sell in the United States when I returned – but sadly I was rejected. Instead, I left Norwary empty handed.  In the spring when I returned to the United States I was shopping at Madewell, and actually saw Isle Jacobsen rain boots for sale and I was floored; it also proved my point that we should have invested.

This fall, it has been evident that military inspired boots are extremely “in”. From Anthropologie to Forever21, lace up boots and booties are sold everywhere. Celebrities are even wearing them on the red carpet!  They are a great accessory because they can give any delicate outfit a little bit of edge or make a touch girl look even tougher.

Anthropologie Military Inspired Boots

Willow Smith working her military inspired boots on the red carpet

Like I already said, the military does so much for us – so always remember to thank our military service for all that they do!


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