Ballerina Beauty by Tory






For decades, dancers have inspired the fashion industry on all levels- from feminine silhouettes, to leg-wear trends, to ballet flats. While ballerinas have a way of looking classically chic without even trying, girls on the street can achieve a similar look with a personal twist.


A perfect example of this look can be seen on my friend Francesca who I snapped a photo of the other day. Francesca’s wearing many pieces of ballet-inspired wares, but translates them to a modern look. She combined classic black opaque tights, a perfect little black flared skirt, and a blush toned blouse. She topped it all of with a classic chignon and natural make-up. Très chic!


I asked Francesca if she had any go-to style tips and she responded, “I like combining textures and shapes/silhouettes. I don’t like any of the Coco Chanel rules by the way…” I completely agree.







Ballerina style has been seen on runways (David Koma), on television (Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic look), and in movies (who could forget “Black Swan”?). This trend cycles in and out of fashion, but will always make you look classically chic.


One thought on “Ballerina Beauty by Tory

  1. Love this post – really great observation! – check us out for fashion and lifestyle. There’s a post in the fashion section where I styled a shoot that was quite balletic and child like in its essence xx

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