Bold Pants

Lauren in her colorful red pants.

Why not make a bold statement with your pants this fall? Colorful pants are in – just remember not to wear them two days in a row!

Lauren’s bright red pants compliment the fall foliage here in the Hudson Valley.  The red corduroys are balanced nicely with her black pants, grey top and black headband.  What a great way to color block too!  Lauren made a lovely statement with her neutral color palette, but if you are feeling a little wild that day why not pair it with another bright fun color?

So be a fashion leader and try a pair of bold colorful pants for yourself! Whether it’s denim or cords, get noticed with this bold trend.







Here are a few other examples of how you can wear your colorful pants! How will you rock your colored pants?

Jessica Alba makes her casual outfit extra cute with her lavender denim.

Rihanna takes her bold look to the next level by pairing her colorful bottoms with an equally bright top.

Kim Kardashian (like Lauren) uses neutrals to tone down the brightness of her pants.

Lauren’s Style Tip: “Mix neutral colors when you are wearing one bright color to balance the outfit out!”


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