City Sleek, Campus Chic by Laura

Just because you are going to class doesn’t mean that you cannot look polished and put-together.  After all, going to class is the college version of going to work, so why not dress to impress?  This season, we have been seeing a lot of sixties-inspired looks ranging from the psychedelic patterns and floral fabrics to the Jackie O classic and sleek style.  While both styles are trendy, the classic “Jackie O” look is a great way to professionalize your wardrobe.

Stephanie's personal rendition of Jackie O

Walking around campus, I ran into a friend whose outfit reflected this sixties fashion inspiration.  Here, Stephanie’s simple sheath dress keeps her look professional yet playful.  The conservative structure gives this dress a formal and classic impression, but the bright strawberry color gives her look a fun attitude.  Stephanie’s structured jacket complements the dress, adding some color-blocking (another rising trend of the Fall season) as well as a Mary-Tyler-Moore-esque quality.

Actress Camilla Belle shooting a remake of the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song for Glamour Magazine

A Simple and Classic Sheath Dress

Stephanie’s opened-toe heels in neutral tones also complement her outfit, keeping it classic, simple, and low-key yet chic.  Keep your eye out for neutral tones this season too!  They are always classic and versatile for any look.

Neutral tones are versatile and classic


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