Leather Made Ladylike…

Dayna's Ladylike Leather Shorts Ensamble

When most people think of leather bottoms its usually has to do with S&M… but no longer is that the case! This season take those bottoms from trashy to classy with the proper styling techniques! The thick material of leather is perfect for fall weather and can easily go from day to night. A great way to make this look extra fabulous is by pairing it with a pair of texture tights, just try to keep it in the same color story!

I spotted Dayna in her leather shorts from H&M and was instantly inspired. Not only does she look totally chic, but she didn’t have to break her piggy bank to be fashion forward! Dayna completed her look with a bunch of fun accessories that pulled in all the colors.  Dayna’s use of stockings and adorable heels compliment her leather shorts and makes her another prime example of a girl “Rocking Fall Shorts”.

Of course there are always a few celebrities who also know how to make leather ladylike.  Olivia Palermo, our favorite shorts guru, once again rocked an outfit with her leather bottoms. The black and white jacket made her look casual and classy.  Other great examples of ladylike leather are on Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung.. and when don’t they look chic?

Olivia Palermo

Alexa Chung

Rachel Bilson

Dayna’s Style Tip:

“I always wear outfits that I love! Sometimes I think to myself that a look may be too fancy for a college campus but when I remind myself how much I love it I decide to wear it anyway and have yet to regret it!  When you wear something you love, you feel good inside!”


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