Colorful School Girl by Tory

“School Girl” style has become an iconic look in womenswear. This look extends far beyond the classic navy-plaid pleated skirts and white collared blouses fashioned at prep-schools. The school girl trend cycles in and out of style, but this fall girls have been spicing the look up with playful colors.


Today I spotted a student named Amari while I was working at a local boutique. Her outfit first grabbed my attention with the vibrant color combination. But at second glance I noticed the silhouette she was wearing mimicked the school girl look in a fun and funky way. She balances out the femininity of her flirty lime skirt with dark basics and flat black motorcycle boots.

Although Amari claims she doesn’t have a style secret, I can tell she’s a girl who’s never fully dressed without a smile.

This look has been seen through iconic characters of our time, from the movie “Clueless” to the popular television series (based on the book series) “Gossip Girl”. The school girl style was also seen at the designer level, including being featured in DKNY’s Fall 2011 runway show.

Gossip Girl


One thought on “Colorful School Girl by Tory

  1. Tory, I think its great that you are accosting your customers! Trend stops for noone! Look how happy she looks in that outfit. I think that photo illustrates one of my favorite things about fashion. It makes people happy! Whether you like it or not, as long as the person wearing it likes it, it shows in the way they carry themselves and how they portray themselves to the world. Thats a pretty powerful thing!

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