How to Dress for that In-between Weather by Laura

The calendar reads October, but the weather is reading August.  In the past two weeks, we have had some freakishly warm weather–not that I am complaining–but it does make getting dressed in the morning a little more complicated.  Should you wear jeans? Boots?  Should you bring a sweater in case it gets cold?  And what about those random rain showers we’ve been having!  Should you bring a rain jacket instead?  And while it feels like the summer, it is the fall, meaning most of our summer pieces are a little out of season.  What’s a girl to do?

I was sitting in class when I noticed my classmate Marygrace’s outfit for the 75 ° October day.  She was wearing a simple white tank top tucked into a tan high-waisted skirt with tall brown boots that had black knee-highs peeking out of the top.  It was perfect!

Marygrace's fall-friendly look

The tank top and skirt fit with the warmer weather, and the neutral tones and tall boots transitioned the look into the fall season.  While the skirt is loose and flouncy, the heavier material makes it a versatile piece for any season.  It is an outfit that Marygrace can recycle when the weather does get cooler by simply adding a pair of tights and a sweater or a jacket.

A neutral skirt is super versatile

I am all about outfits that are simple and sleek, and this is one of them.  There are just three different parts to it–a basic white tank, a plain tan skirt, and a pair of basic brown boots–but together the look is timeless.

Marygrace's tall brown boots make her look fitting for the fall

So on the next warm October day, don’t freak out.  Go through some of your warmer weather clothes and find the basics, then add a piece from your fall wardrobe to pull the look together.


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