No, you’re not upside down… that print is just on the bottom!

Maddy's funky take on printed bottoms.

Printed bottoms are becoming increasingly more popular which can be seen on the runways but is even more prevalent on the street level. Overtime, we have seen prints move throughout our outfits from our tops to on our skirts and now onto our shorts and pants. Wearing a print on the bottom part of your outfit draws the eyes to an area that is often overlooked; creating interesting and unique outfits that are more memorable than the usual printed top look.  Maddy wore these adorable black and white polka pants with a funky tee that represents her style and personality well.  By pairing it with the sea-foam green cardigan it added a necessary pop of color.

It’s easy to make this look your own whether you make it funky the way Maddy has done, unconventional like Proenza Schouler or give it a classic twist like Katie Holmes. Printed bottoms are a great way to try out a mixed print ensemble and also look awesome with a simple top. If wearing a pair of printed pants is too much of a fashion risk for you, try a pair of printed tight instead! Printed bottoms are in so why not try it out for yourself?

Katie Holmes's classic twist on printed bottoms.

Proenza Schouler F/W 2012 Printed Bottoms














Maddy’s Style Tip:

“Dress for comfort and especially in layers.  On days like today when it’s hot outside and cold in the classroom it’s essential to have a sweater or scarf”.


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