Statement Earrings by Madeline

Maybe J-Lo had it right all along with her signature hoops, statement earrings are the best accessory to pull together a sexy and chic look ! Many feel that they cannot wear large dangling earrings because of “the size of their head” or “how it makes their face look” but there is a type of statement earrings for everyone! A classic look that everyone can pull off is the large pearl. The large pearl earring is the perfect way to complete your favorite lady-like outfit with hair swept up into a tight bun. Another great look is the hoop earring, and lately it seems its the bigger the better! Hoops are a fun and sexy way to complete a simple look like jeans and a tee or to wear with your favorite outfit for a night on the town with your friends! Everyone’s favorite new earring is the feather earring. Feather earrings come in neutral colors that can match your hair as well as bright colors to stand out for a boho-chic look! So if you’re feeling bored with your large necklaces or bold bangles , try a pair of statement earrings next time you put together your outfit, you will not be disappointed!

J-Lo's signature hoops

Angelina looks stunning in her pearls

Vannessa looks fun and casual in these feather earrings

Eva with glam diamond starfish earrings


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