How to Rock Fall Shorts

Don’t pack away all your summery clothes for the fall just yet! Keep those shorts in your drawers and use them to create a look that works in this cool weather.

I spotted Irina looking chic on her way home from class and I instantly loved the way she mixed together different pieces from her wardrobe to create her look.  By pairing her floral shorts with a pair of sheer black stockings it made it more appropriate for autumn weather.  The light-weight jacket balanced the tights on the bottom, and the fabulous wedges made her legs look long and lean… and who doesn’t want that? I love how she completed the look by using a handbag that is right on trend with this season.  The calf-hair detailing gave a heavier feel to the overall outfit.  Pairing all these pieces with a few extra accessories instantly turned this look from so-summery to funky-fall.

Here are other fabulous women who know how to rock a fall shorts look:

Nicole Richie used velvet shorts as her heavy fabric accent.

Olivia Palermo paired her fall shorts with chic fur.

Irina’s Style Tip: 

“Wear what you like. ”  As simple as her advice is, it has so much meaning behind it.  If you enjoy what you wear you feel good about yourself and that confidence is something others see and admire!


One thought on “How to Rock Fall Shorts

  1. Gina,
    this is a great post! Its great to see a stylish girl on campus and I love that you actually talked to her. Her style tip is a great way to finish this off.
    Good job!
    S. Roy

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