Red Soled Shoes By Ayla

As you may or may not have heard Louboutin lost the battle of the red soled shoes. According to, a federal court judge in Manhattan ruled aguinst Louboutin in their battle with YSL over the use of red on the soles of a pair of their shoes.

Why such a big deal? The article stated,

The crimson-colored YSL’s prompted a lawsuit by Louboutin, who claimed to have originated the concept of red soles in his shoes as a trademark nearly 20 years ago when he painted red nail polish on the black soles of a pair of women’s shoes.

That mattered not to Judge Marrero who said Louboutin’s ownership claim to a red sole would harm competition not only in high fashion shoes, but potentially in the markets for other fashion articles as well, putting makers of dresses, coats, bags, hats and gloves in fear of lawsuits.

In an artistic analogy, Marrero said it would be as if Picasso had sued Monet, saying he painted his water lilies with a distinctive indigo that Picasso used on his images of water.

Will red soles be a new trend now that it is settled that Louboutin has no trademark on them?

I have already spotted a few pairs. The picture above is a photo of the sole of a pair of boots my mom just bought and I think we will start to see red soles more and more. Keep your eyes peeled for what will happen next.


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