It’s “Time” for a Fashion Update by Laura

Even though most of us check the time with our Blackberries or iPhones, there is something romantic  about wearing a good old watch.  Ever since I was a little kid, I always wore a watch; throughout the years I acquired quite a collection of arm candy in which cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and the Powerpuff Girls told me the time.  But then I got older, and my tastes became more refined.  My latest watch was kind of an accident: I borrowed my guy friend’s watch one afternoon and realized that I actually really liked it! Now, I proudly sport a stainless steel men’s Relic watch.  It’s a little loose on my wrist, but there is an appealing contrast between the bold men’s accessory on a dainty feminine feature.

My Relic men's watch

But you don’t need to shop in the men’s accessories department to find a sleek big face watch.  Many designers have designed women’s watches to resemble the larger male counterpart.  The other day in class, I noticed a classmate’s Michael Kors watch.

Suzann's bold Michael Kors Watch

The size makes the watch stand out, but it is still small enough that it does not overpower my classmate’s wrist. The classic gold band makes the watch versatile, so Suzann can wear this watch with any outfit.  And wearing a basic accessory like a watch lets you make a fashion statement without being too obvious.

Michael Kors is not the only designer to incorporate big face watches for women into his collection.  Check out the jewelry counter at your local department store to find different variations of this trend.

Timex Watch

Fossil Watch


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