City Bumpkin

There is a time and place for everything – including your wardrobe. It may not be acceptable to wear a cowboy hat to church, but it is practically an essential item for any country concert. More importantly, ’tis the season for hay rides, haunted houses and apple picking.. so its best you know how to dress the part for these festive fall activities! When you are heading to your local farm to hand-pick delicious fruits and vegetables, why not try a new look? A farmer chic look I like to call, “city bumpkin”.

This weekend I was inspired to embrace the city bumpkin look and went apple picking while drinking my favorite seasonal drink, apple cider! Of course I had to take this opportunity to try out my city bumpkin look (and it worked wonderfully). With country superstars like Taylor Swift erasing the lines between genres of music, country aesthetics are becoming increasingly more popular (example: gingham prints).

Gingham was seen all over fashion week this September in various designers’ collections. Marc Jacobs, a contemporary designer,  took a particular interest in this trend. The collection featured gingham prints on unconventional fabrics, such as silk and sheer fabrics. Even though, gingham is often thought of as a spring fabric, it can work just as well for autumn if it comes in the right colorway. To perfect this city bumpkin look, I paired my burnt orange gingham button up shirt with a chic necklace that added an elegant touch. A unique and funky pair of shades complemented the leather riding boots which completed the look.

Gingham featured in Marc Jacob's Collection at New York Fashion Week in the Fall 2011

Why not take advantage of these fall activities, and when you choose to do so, make sure you dress the part!


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