Theres an app for that! Pose App by Ayla

So we are constantly taking about new technology and innovation. Every day we are introduced to something new and exciting.  We have all been trained to by apple to believe that there is an app for absolutely every occasion. Over the summer one of the people I worked for said that they had an app that they wanted me to review. It was called Pose.

Here is part of the article I wrote over the summer.  The whole article can be found on

Can’t figure out if red, the hot new color for fall, looks good on your skin tone or if you can pull off plaid? Snap a photo on your iPhone using the Pose app and get instant feedback. Other people that are using the app have the opportunity to look at what you have uploaded and give you their feedback on what you are thinking about buying or your most recent purchases.

Pose also helps you keep a catalog of the items that you have purchased or wish to purchase, handy for going back and reviewing what’s already been purchased for your wardrobe and what you still need. The app allows you to add the store info and the price of all items and then it gets added to the stream of other items that the like minded social shoppers using the Pose app are uploading.

If you could care less about what random people using the app are doing, check out what the Posers are buying. Posers are handpicked by the company to help inspire shoppers and to share their fashion finds. They are composed of mostly fashion bloggers and celeb stylists who take pictures of what they are wearing or buying for others. It acts as a great guide in theory, but after could definitely use more of a selection and ability to filter by your own tastes.

This is another way that we can track trends and see what people are wearing. In theory this is a great way to share what you are buying the your friends or anyone else using the app, but it has not quite caught on yet. The Posers are also just fashion bloggers like all of us who post on Foxy Fashion. They are not true trend forecasters looking into the future, they are just snapping photos of what they like.

Although this App is not quite up to speed yet, things like this could be very prevalent in the future so it s important that we keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground so we do not miss what is out there.


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