Royally Ravishing- by Madeline

Most celebrities can often be spotted running into Starbucks in their large sunglasses and their favorite baseball cap! Lately we have been seeing a new trend of hats hit the red carpet ( and no these hats do not have a New York Yankee symbol plastered across the front!) Ever since the Royal Wedding it seems that celebrities and fashionistas everywhere have been inspired by Kate & Pippa Middelton’s love of beautiful hats. The hat is becoming a new accessory to add some flare and individuality to a beautiful gown, or a tailored suit! This look can be seen strutting down the runway in New York Fashion Week or appearing on the red carpet on our favorite celebs! It is yet to be seen whether or not the “fancy hat” will trickle down to the mass market but I definitely think this look would turn heads on Marist Campus!

Princess Kate

Kim Kardashian

Sometimes the hat should be left out of the outfit Serena…


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