Ahoy, Matey! Nautical Fashion by Laura

It may be too cold for a day on the boat, but nautical-inspired fashion is still heating up.  Keep watch for this classically simple and chic style, which has infiltrated almost all categories of apparel.

Jcrew Unisex St. James Meridien II Nautical tee

Ropes, anchors, stripes—it’s everywhere!  And don’t fret that this theme is too seasonal.  The basic and neutral color palette of white and navy or red and white is a perfect transition from summer to fall.  This trend won’t be sailing away anytime soon either.  Many of the pieces are sure to become staples in your wardrobe because of their versatility: the colors and simple patterns work professionally as well as casually.

Nicole is ready to tackle a day of student teaching while still looking good!

Nicole is wearing a versatile maritime dress (a valuable purchase made during her semester abroad in Madrid, Spain).  It is a simple cotton dress, but it also gives a respectable impression.  The short sleeves and striped bodice make a casual statement while the silhouetted and structured skirt adds more formality.  And the length is neither too short to be inappropriate at work, or too long that it looks dowdy.

Anchor-detailed buttons on the sleeves of Nicole's dress

“I wore this dress to student teach today, but I can also wear it when I go out with my friends or to a nice outing.  It’s the perfect combination of dressy and casual,” says Nicole.

Whether it’s a navy and white striped sweater or a maritime tote, get your sea legs and come aboard the Nautical Fashion Boat!

Nautical tote from Bayanhippo.etsy.com


One thought on “Ahoy, Matey! Nautical Fashion by Laura

  1. I completely adore the whole nautical style too. The colours are so versatile that you can look classy almost any time of the year. It’s great. Also, I love the way your blog is set up. It’s nice to hear from different people who have an exceptional taste of fashion that isn’t totally unaffordable.

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