Fall’s Fabulous Hue’s – Nail Glam by Madeline

Falls most exciting nail colors have arrived and they are a critical addition to every fashionistas favorite outfit! Although some of us do not hold our nail polish in high importance, nails have become just as important to any look as a bold bag or the perfect pumps. This seasons favorite colors are dark, deep and bold reflecting the outdoorsy feel of the beautiful fall season. Its time to move away from our favorite corals, mint greens and bright pinks and fall into Fall’s best hues! Some of my favorite colors of the season are deep forest green, sapphire, rustic red and orange, mauve and glittery grey.

                                              One of Chanel’s newest hues- Peridot !

Eva Mendes in deep blue.

Mary-Kate Olsen in a rustic reddish-orange.


3 thoughts on “Fall’s Fabulous Hue’s – Nail Glam by Madeline

  1. being a self-diagnosed nail polish addict, I love this post! I’m currently obsessed with essie’s mixture of olive green and tan called “case study”. check it out next time you’re at the drug store.

  2. Any of my friends can tell you, Nail Polish is my #gulitypleasure. I love this falls colors, essies are amazing. But I cant yet stray from last seasons OPI’s : “You don’t know Jacques”, considering it is a deep purplish gray I’m keeping it in the mix.

  3. I can’t stop wearing Essie’s “Incognito”, a deep hunter green. I’m using it as much as possible before December comes around and the color of Christmas trees becomes so not chic.

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