Color Blocked: Head to Toe

Amanda's color blocked looked

Amanda's Givenchy Heels

I caught Amanda in a similar pose while she was watching a tennis match on campus and I thought to myself how elegant she looked.  Even though she wasn’t at Wimbledon, doesn’t mean she couldn’t look fabulous! First of all, I loved how she color blocked her entire look.  The color blocking was seen not only in her top but throughout her outfit using a solid pair of jeans and solid color shoe. The flow of color from orange to tan to blue and back to tan complemented the beautiful autumn day.

Anthropologie's Wrapped Cocoa Heels

While color blocking may be in style now, a classic pair of shoes never goes out of style! Amanda made this outfit extra chic by choosing a unique pair of heels by Givenchy.  While interning at Barney’s Amanda saved up to buy these classic yet trendy shoes that retail for over $800.  The natural color shoes are classic – yet, they are also fun and trendy with their unique cuff and buckle design.  A unique pair of shoes, like these, can make any outfit distinct and memorable.  Don’t worry if you can’t afford shoes like Givenchy, you can still get this look for less! Anthropologie offers a similar item, Wrapped Cocoa Heels,  for $188 that you can find at  A designer item isn’t necessary to make an outfit ultra chic, but it certainly in some cases, like this, is worth the investment. So whether you are watching tennis players block hits or doing some color blocking of your own – be sure to take a swing at this trend!

Amanda’s Style Tip:

“Always use at least one neutral color in any outfit.”


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