Mad for Messenger Bags by Laura

Whether you are going to class or heading to work, messenger bags keep all of your things organized while still keeping you in style.   Instead of a traditional canvas messenger bag, opt for a leather or suede version to elevate your look.  Choosing a structured bag with simple details also adds sophistication.  Meghan’s messenger bag catches our attention with its unique color pattern and sleek design.  The neutral colors of her bag go with just about any outfit.  It can be worn casually, as seen here, or more formally.  “I picked this bag because I could throw my notebooks and papers in it for class, and I could also carry my resume and portfolio in it.  That way, when I go for job or internship interviews I have all of my materials organized in one place,” says Meghan, who bought her Miztique messenger bag at TJ Maxx.  What is also nice about Meghan’s bag is that it is big enough to carry everything she needs without looking bulky.

So even though the Fall semester has begun, it’s not too late to update your bag collection with a fun and functional messenger bag!


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